Zombie Fairy Tales
Antarctic Press
In Collection
Comic  Modern Age 3.99 €
Read It: Yes 32 Pages

(W/A) Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, Brian Denham, David Hutchison Sit down by the gravesite and with a big bowl of brain food, kiddies, 'cause Mother Gruesom's about to treat you to a collection of classic stories of crawling cadavers! Enjoy timeless tales such as 'Little Dead Riding Hood,' 'The Ginger-Dead Man,' 'Moldylocks,' and 'Alice in Undead-land.'

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Genre Horror
Color Color
Barcode 61072126001200111
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 27/04/2011

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Collection Status In Collection
Store Arkham Comics
Purchase Date 26/05/2011
Condition Near Mint
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