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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Spoils

The Spoils - Day of the Tentacle

The Spoils – Day of the Tentacle

The Spoils is a collectible trading card game edited by the Arcane Tinmen.

It shares basic mechanics with Magic: The Gathering (5 ressources types, “spells” which have a direct impact on the game, and “creatures” called “characters”), but it also provides many improvements:

  •  A game start with resources in play (no mana death)
  • Ability to pay to draw a card or play a resource during a turn (no mana death and card advantage management)
  • Ability to play any card face down to use it as resource (no mana death)
  • “Speed” characteristic making combats less simple than those in Magic
  • No “phases” during a turn (any action could be made at any time if legal)
  • Very funny cards
  • Very nice card graphics
If interested, french translation of the rules could be found here: The Spoils: Guide de Référence v1.1

French retailer could be found here: LudiWorld
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