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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Website upgrade

WordPress upgraded to v2.8.4;
All plug-ins updated to latest versions.

The PixGallery generated a file access error when surfing some pages (Unable to access /cache/php.err) – This file seems to be locked/protected by Free.

To temporarily solve the problem, the wp-includes/wp-db.php file was edited to comment out the error log writing:

$log_error = true;
if ( ! function_exists(‘error_log’) )
$log_error = false;

$log_file = @ini_get(‘error_log’);
if ( !empty($log_file) && (‘syslog’ != $log_file) && !@is_writable($log_file) )
$log_error = false;

if ( $log_error )
@error_log($error_str, 0);
*/ //

Maybe the best should be to use .htaccess to redirect the logfile to a writeable one:

Redirect permanent /cache/php.err http://server/wp-content/cache/dummy.log

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