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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crontab add-on for XNova Legacies 2009.2

The current version of XNova cannot handle automatic statistics generation (eg. players ranking).

Crontab add-on for XNovaLegacies 2009.2 (13.4 KiB)

This script will:

  • Update all the planets resources;
  • Clean the hangar queues;
  • Update all the players statistics;
  • Update all the players XP and level.

To install, copy crontab.php in your XNova \admin\ subfolder, then launch it using a web cron, a scheduled task or a crontab if you are hosting XNova on your own Linux box.

Example for localhost environment: lynx -dump http://localhost/xnova/admin/crontab.php

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